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The Canmaker Technical Conference
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Canmaker Technical Conference 2013 took place alongside Cannex & Fillex in Atlanta, USA. Delegates heard and discussed details of a wide range of technological developments that allow better productivity of more sustainable metal containers.

From the outset of the conference, the message was of a global canmaking industry that is operating from a strong financial base. Positive projections for the future of metal packaging were reported to be stimulating investment in new equipment and technology to service growing markets.

Subject matter included a vision of how the industry should be challenging assumptions about project costs and the application of innovation through processes such as the automation of printing systems. Other presentations covered the flexibility for changing beverage can formats, a view of developments in the three-piece canmaking world and a look at how technologies are being introduced to meet the needs of brand owners.

The Canmaker Technical conference is part of an ongoing series that covers all aspects of metal packaging. Other events include The Seaming Conference and The Canmaker Summit.

For details of future conferences, please contact: Emma French
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